We all have had to face our share of hard subjects while we were studying. It is normal for anyone to find some subject harder to understand and harder to get good grades for. The situation becomes serious when we are getting ready for an important exam and we have to face this subject as well. That is where we have to consider ways of overcoming the obstacles and scoring a good grade for this subject which we do not like. We can find the help we need through a private teacher. From IGCSE chem tutor to private teachers who help with languages we haveRead More →

Are you feeling tired of hating on mathematics? Do you want to change this? If you do, and if you are willing to work for it, then here are our tips for you…!   Figure out why you think you don’t like Maths If you are someone who feels that they hate maths, then ask yourself why you feel this way. For most people, the complexness of the subject is reason enough. For others, it may be how they feel towards the teacher/professor that translates to what they feel about the subject. There are also those who hate the subject, simply because those around themRead More →

Zoo phonics is a teaching method developed to master the children’s skills in reading and spelling with the use of phono, oral, visual, kinesthetic and tactile. This will make the child learn using his whole brain and many of his senses will be focused in this method. It is a great way to make your child take interest in reading. Here are some great benefits that the zoo phonics bring to us.   Fun and exciting   Unlike other typical forms of teaching, zoo phonics is a new fun way to teach and to learn. Both parties, teachers and children, will enjoy this method ofRead More →

Even though you may have been living in your country all your lifetime, it does not mean that the opportunity to move to another may not arise. In fact, it may be closer than you think, to a point that you have to move away from your home land. However, exploring new opportunities should be in your books, no matter how old you may be. Therefore, it is always best to be prepared for such occasions. One such method could be by allowing yourself to learn a different language. The benefits that come along with this can by no means be explained. Yet, a fewRead More →

Advantages of Learning a New Language Science has proved that learning another language is actually good for your brain development. Learning at a later stage in life too can help the stop of deceases such as Alzheimer. Apart from this being bilingual can open up new opportunities and give you access to a whole new world as well. So if you have been thinking of learning a new language, don’t hesitate to start now. Let’s see some of the advantages of doing so. It is a brain booster: it is not an apple that can keep a doctor away, learning a new language or playingRead More →