Best Universities to Study Defence and Related Subjects in the World

Best Universities to Study Defence and Related Subjects in the World

In a world facing newer security threats each decade, defence studies have never been more important. Military science studies are expected of army recruits, but some civilians can study in this field as well. A growing body of researchers and policy advocates in various fields may study defence and related subjects like conflict resolution. If you are interested in this field of study, here are some of the best schools in the world to consider attending:

The United States Military Academy

Better known as West Point, the US Military Academy is the leading defence studies university in North America. It offers academic, physical and military programs to cadets selected from US high schools and existing service members. West Point offers over 40 academic degrees to students. The students spend four years in the bachelor’s program, which includes the physical and military program as well. Admissions to West Point are highly selective. The Academy accepts a select number of candidates internationally in addition to the mostly local student body.

Missouri State University

Unlike West Point, students in the ROTC military studies program at Missouri State (Mizzou) don’t have to commit to a 5-year service contract. Civilian students, both local and international, can participate in the ROTC program. This program is not an academic degree, but provides training akin to basic camp for recruits. Students can follow the program into their senior years in the bachelor’s degree but would be required to join the US military or National Guard as a cadet.

UNSW Defence Research Institute

The Defence Research Institute at University of New South Wales in Canberra is a premiere instituted to study and conduct research in Australia. The institute is affiliated with both Australian and international players in conflict resolution. The institute covers a solid range of defence related subjects such as military history, cyber security, and conflict resolution. UNSW ranks as one of the top 50 universities in the world. The DRI is therefore one of the best places to study defence-related subjects, especially for civilian students.

Royal Military College of Canada

The RMC in Canada is a liberal arts university that offers a wide variety of degrees to those in uniform as well as a select number of civilians. The university is best known for its Bachelor of Military Arts and Science, a unique program offered to students who want to jumpstart a military career. This program combines standard university courses with cadet training. The typical student body for this degree is mainly composed of military members. The entrance to the program may be limited and restricted to candidates enrolled in other military courses.

Cranfield University, UK

Located in Swindon, England, Cranfield University offers an array of defence related subjects to both graduate and undergraduate students. Programs include standard military history and defence studies, in addition to thorough academic training in important military topics. The university offers a technical training in Explosives Ordnance Engineering, centred on the legalities of using and distributing explosives. Most programs at Cranfield are highly specialised for those who are serious about following a career in the military or defence industries.

Military science programs offered at wholly civilians institutions are best for those who don’t plan on enlisting. The above schools are best for both army recruits as well as interested civilians.