How to Hire a Keynote Speaker in Australia

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How to Hire a Keynote Speaker in Australia

A keynote speaker can add flare to otherwise standard business events or in-house meetings. There are many benefits of hiring an outside keynote speaker. Mainly, the speaker can offer valuable insight not usually heard within the echo chamber of your company. An invited guest can also make the event more interesting to employees or attendees. While most event planners understand the importance of hiring a keynote speaker, the challenge is how to find one. Here are several tips that will help your company book the perfect keynote speaker for any event:

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Ask Around for Engaging Keynote Speakers

Naturally, event planners Google potential choices for keynote speakers. But there could be numerous choices when you browse through personal websites online. To narrow down the search for a suitable candidate, ask for recommendations from other companies like yours, or friends and colleagues. The best keynote speakers tend to leave an impressions so the recommendations would be easy to find. Look for recommended keynote speakers in your local area, because these would be the easiest to book. For example, in Sydney, the seasoned public speaker Mark Carter is well known as an energetic and engaging speaker who can really rev up an audience. Likewise, use peer recommendations to find the best choice.

Find a Speaker for the Audience

Finding the right keynote speaker is like delivering a joke. Even the best jokes fall flat if the audience is wrong. Likewise, when you choose a speaker, it’s very important to consider the audience in detail. The makeup of the audience would determine how well the keynote speaker would work out for it. For example, consider if the audience members share basic demographic statistics like age, gender, education level. Are the attendees employees or a mix of guests from different walks of life? It’s important to make an assessment of the audience first to find the right fit.

Consider the Logistics

Don’t forget to consider the basic aspects of the meeting, such as the location, date, time, or repetition. These would be the first facts to consider when booking a keynote speaker. Even if you find the perfect person for the job, it will not work out with the time or the location is inconvenient for the guest speaker. Therefore, figure out these details before inviting a keynote speaker. When you ask someone for their interest in coming to the event, they might agree without fully knowing the details only to pull out later. To avoid mishaps like this, approach potential keynote speakers with fundamental details regarding the event in mind.

Choose a Topic

Do you want the keynote speaker to choose a topic or do you want to pick a broad topic or a theme that the keynote speaker can base the address on? Most business event planners would want keynote speakers to address an engaging topic relevant to the industry, elaborate on rising trends or challenges, or otherwise deliver an interesting speech that resonated with the audience. Being generic certainly doesn’t count. So spend some time as a team to decide what the keynote speaker should talk about.

When looking for a speaker, don’t forget to watch videos or read transcripts of previous events to assess how effective the speaker is before booking him or her.