The Evolution of Education and Technology

The Evolution of Education and Technology

It was more than a hundred years ago that the educational system that the world has been familiar with evolved from the mere classroom instruction to the theory and scientific based educational system. Teachers are also part of the evolution when they required more and more credentials, experience, and more advanced schooling for teachers in a specific field. And since then the system that we have adopted has not changed quite significantly since then.

At some point teachers have become mere recording machines that records and dictates verbatim what was given and instructed in the reference books. Educators have long since adhered to the concept that students must and should listen and only obey what was commended and instructed to them by their teachers. The whole educational system has become mere rote learning. Degrade then follows because such system is obsolete and is prone to error and is actually in itself a complete recipe for producing incompetent employees and leaders in the real world. 

By the turn of the decade there has been a new revolution that was brewing in the educational system in the west. The new idea was to educate not for the sake of learning since information has been already presented as a readily available commodity through the aid of the internet, but rather its central focal point is to educate for the sake of utility. Now the whole idea of the educational system is about what is helpful for the twentieth century student and worker. And since then the educational system has seen drastic and significant changes in its core methods ever since.

Here are the areas where education has changed for good and for the better:

Online Classrooms

Educators are now using streaming platforms to post lectures that may be of great help for students who are far away and those who were not able to attend the class can also review the lectures done by their teachers through online platforms. Online classrooms also gives the upper hand for teachers to collect assignments, tasks, seat works and essays through online portals, that way collection and deadlines are kept and are made efficient.

Online Courses

Even Harvard and MIT are now utilizing the idea of offering free education, some are short courses, some and technological vocational short courses online to anyone who is interested. Because of this idea of specialized education in certain fields, schools have also opened new practical courses that teach computer skills within the online digital platforms for the student to use for their own practical use and extra educational credits. Digital marketing course California and in many major cities worldwide has sprung up to offer courses and fill the employee void in the digital platform.

Online Educational Applications

Math problems are now solved not manually but with phone applications that gives you an almost accurate answers to whatever mathematical problem that you have. These types of apps have now taken over the position of teachers in the classroom, some argue that it may be counterproductive but its positive benefits are also there.

Education is a vital part of each society thus it is necessary for it to evolve and revolutionize.