Thinking of getting into the hospitality trade?

Thinking of getting into the hospitality trade?

There are many accredited vocational centres for those who wish to pursue a career a hospitality in Singapore and at present it is observed that more and more people are eager to step into this much celebrated industry with a prior qualification rather that signing up to work at the nearest establishment that offers employment. This awareness and interest has definitely reflected possibility in the service that the many boutique hotels and motel like bodies that offer accommodation to the vacationers.

Singapore is a popular travel and tour destination with a great variety of recreational activities that are ideal for both, a holiday with the kids and a getaway with the friends. Therefore there are many institutions that enables the local recruit able force to qualify themselves to cater for the opportunities the sea of people who fly into county presents to them.

There are many internationally recognized bodies that offer many wsq courses in Singapore, ranging from introducing the relevant lingual skills in addition to the professionalism and product knowledge that is a must. These WSQ (workforce skills qualifications) serve as a stepping stone to many Singaporean youth and are a welcome presence among the many families that rely on the tourism industry. The training and education they receive from the above professional bodies allow them to further in their chosen careers and enables them to attain a sense of self-worth without having to surrender to the whims and fancies of their potential employers.Academic progression in your chosen field not only gives you the confidence to be competent ,it offers you a sense of contentment in doing a job that you know you have the skills to execute in the proper manner . in a industry such as tourism where the attitude of the service person is as or more important than his/ her aptitude for the job the validation that comes from within plays a huge role in the recipient of the service being delighted.

The variety of WSQ Diploma and WSQ Certificate courses in Singapore includes:

  • WSQ Modular courses-

This concentrates on a specific field of expertise such as housekeeping/ bartending etc. this is ideal for individuals who have a natural knack for that specific job.

  • WSQ Diploma in Hotel & Accommodation Services-

Offers a through skill training that covers all avenues of a professional host/ service personal

  • WSQ – Higher Certificate in Hotel & Accommodation Services-

This certificate enables one to be eligible to follow through to the next tier in their qualification which is the diploma level.