Types of Courses Available

Types of Courses Available

The article would help graduating high school students to be prepared and informed with the courses they could consider but the courses stated below is not limited to.

1.    Architecture is a program composes of a 5 year course, 2 years apprenticeship, and board exam in other countries. It is a product of the process in planning, designing and constructing any kind of structure or building. It is a broad course that analyzes human behaviors and environmental behaviors that would help in the planning process and decision making of the workflow and design.

2.    Engineering is a course with multiple branches with different purposes such as civil, electrical, mechanical, computer, industrial, and electronics. It focuses on the capability of using engines, machines, and structures.

3.    Hotel and Restaurant Management is a program that provides students a quality service in hospitality industry by giving the skills, knowledge, attitude and experience to them. The course helps them to specialized and equipped in managing Hotels and Restaurants.

4.    Culinary Arts is the art of preparing and cooking food in a best possible way with an exciting way of platting. Students could either have a short term course or a two year course for them to be officially called a “Chef”. In some cases students tend to study abroad or join an international on the job training or commonly called as OJT.

5.    Business Administration has the widest range of branches when it comes to courses but the main focus of this kind of program is to manage different types of businesses. Some courses takes 4 years with on the job training and in some cases such as accountancy they would need to take a board exam. Another option is to study abroad especially for those who are financially capable you may choose a part time mba in singapore that would only take 16 to 24 months

6.    Law is usually offered in a university or other place of higher education. It is one of the longest degree to achieve. The study focuses on the system and rules of a particular country or community, It could either be the future lawmakers or the future lawyers who give justice or help for those treated improperly.

7.    Education is a program in the field of teaching science, mathematics, english, or physical education in Elementary or Secondary education. In other words it is a course for the future teachers.

8.    Medical courses are programs for those who love to treat sick people or patients. Some of the programs are Nursing, Physical Therapist, and Medical Technology.