Does Your Business Need Instagram?

Does Your Business Need Instagram?

Instagram is no longer a “teen thing.” The photo sharing social network has morphed into a highly potent advertising platform that even legacy brands like Pepsi or Cola have moved to. A good majority of Australians use Instagram, and the platform is only second to Facebook in terms of popularity. Considering that Instagram use is on the rise, it’s worthwhile to wonder if the social network has any marketing benefit to your brand. Let’s ponder that question:

It Depends on B2C to B2B

If your business is intended mainly for consumers, then Instagram would be a promising channel to advertise on. B2B businesses on the other hand may by experience similar success. Instagram engages its audience with visual content. Consumers are the most likely group to share branded messages accompanied by pictures on the network. Consumer businesses in the service sectors, like food and apparel, have found enormous success by using Instagram. The social site is a must for Australian fashion brands. If you run a B2C brand, then it will be worth the investment to hire a social media marketing agency Melbourne to launch an Instagram strategy.

Instagram is the Best Platform to Market with Visual Content

If the marketing material for your business is mainly visual, then Instagram is probably the best channel to engage the audience in. While food and fashion dominate the social network, other industries, like travel, have found excellent success here as well. If your business regularly promotes highly visual content, then being on Instagram is definitely a must. There’s hardly any other social network that can rival Instagram in visual content. Even Facebook is more about posts than pictures. Now that Instagram allows videos as well, this is a great platform to market to certain niche audiences.

Instagram has the Non Filter Advantage

Facebook, and to some extent Twitter, shows only filtered posts to users, done so based on personal preferences. Instagram, on the other hand, does not filter out posts in this manner. So, all the photos an account user uploads will be available to all followers and viewers without any filters. This can be a great advantage for some brands that typically get filtered out on other sites. Instagram also shows posts in chronological order, like Facebook, so regular posters are well rewarded with likes and shares.

Instagram Can Connect Consumers on Other Networks

If your brand has difficulty connecting to users on different social media sites, then Instagram could be the great binder. Instagram posts often get shared on other social media sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and even YouTube. Therefore, success on Instagram means getting exposure across all of the social media landscape. This is a major advantage to businesses that have trouble finding a niche audience or sticking to just one network.

Instagram Boosts Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is an important revenue generator for many businesses. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, often shares traffic between the two sites. Instagram photos, for example, can be viewed on Facebook profiles. So, brands that want to boost Facebook marketing efforts will greatly benefit by moving on to Instagram.

In summary, if your business caters to a B2C market with a niche focus, then it can be safety said that your company does need Instagram to drive traffic and create awareness against the competition.