Getting a Website Domain Name in Australia

Getting a Website Domain Name in Australia

The domain name is the basic foundation of a website. It’s the marketer that identifies your site on the vast World Wide Web. The domain name is also called the URL or the web address of a site. It’s a unique online identity, especially for personal and business brands. You need to purchase a domain name for your website. Australian sites that require a .au extension should buy one from a local seller. This very brief guide will explain how you can obtain a domain name for your Australian website.

First Decide If You Want a Local Domain

Getting a domain name is compulsory when you sign up with a web hosting company or a CMS to design your website. There are two options for you here. You can get a generic domain name like, or you can choose to get an Australian domain name like There are subtle differences between the two.

Domain with .au extensions can be exclusively accessed by Australians. This is not to say that someone in Norway or Canada cannot access .au websites. Search engines like Google prioritise local results to provide users with a personalised experience. So if your domain name ends with .au, your site will have a higher chance of becoming visible to Australians. If you run an e-commerce website catering to Aussies exclusively, then having a .au extension can give you an edge over the competition. Your site will get priority listing on Google mobile searches for example.

Choose the Extension Wisely

The extension of your website is the .com, .org, .net, or another part. The .au part is considered the country extension. When you choose the regular extension, do so wisely. In Australia, only commercial entities are allowed to have or a web extension. You will have to provide your Australian Company Number (ACN) or your Australian Business Number (ABN) during the registration process to get these extensions. Therefore, you might want to think carefully about how you want the extension to be. But do not choose obscure extensions like .biz just to avoid getting an ACN or an ABN.

For example, if you are registering a personal blog, you may not want to go through with the process of obtaining an ACN just to buy a extension. In that case, just choose the .com extension. Your search result rankings will not be drastically affected. But it would if you go with a domain extension no one can remember.

Know How to Pick a Domain Name Properly

When you buy the domain, make sure you are registering an appropriate domain name for your site. This cannot be changed later without building a brand new website. The domain name should be kept simple, easy to remember and unique. Without these qualities, you might run into trouble when getting clicks.

Browse for Local Domain Sellers

The final step is to pay for your domain. You can register a domain at a minimum for a year, but you can extend the time period to five years or ten years if necessary. You should look for local hosting providers to get your domain. The best place to find an Australian domain vendor is .au Domain Administration Ltd (.auDA), where you can find links to domain registrars and resellers.

There are many options on the .auDA site that you can choose from. Follow the above advice and you will be able to get your own unique domain in no time.